Behavioral Lifelong In-home Support System (BLISS)

Adopt one of the featured dogs below and you’ll start your new life together headed for success!

Each dog in our Behavioral Lifelong In-home Support System (BLISS) has an individualized training plan designed by a Best Friends behavior consultant. When you decide to adopt, the plan will be tailored specifically to your home in order the make your new pup’s transition to your place a successful one. And it’s all free, including a waived adoption fee!

In addition to your personalized training plan, you and your new pal will go home with resources and tools designed to foster a healthy, happy and enduring relationship — including enrichment recommendations and contact information for a Sanctuary behavior consultant who will be accessible to you at any time for as long as you need.

Some dogs in the BLISS program do not require an in-person meeting before adoption, and we’ll even fly them home to you for free, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Other featured dogs require a face-to-face meeting at our Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, where you’ll meet with a behavior consultant to discuss the dog’s personality, challenges, and training plan before adoption. And the icing on the kibble is that it’s all free, from the adoption to the training materials to the flight home.

Ready to get started? Just click the photos to read about each of the featured dogs in the program. For all the information, or to find out more about a specific pet, please email

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