Ultimate Horse Experience Workshop

Join us for a five-day interactive workshop all about horses! Learn how Best Friends cares for and connects with horses, and find out how to create deeper relationships with the horses in your care.

During the workshop, you’ll get hands-on learning experiences with guest clinician Ryan Rose, and you’ll get to take part in natural horsemanship demonstrations. After the workshop, you’ll know how to create better connections with horses built on trust, respect and understanding. Plus, during your stay, you’ll get to experience the Sanctuary’s other animal care areas with behind-the-scenes tours, and you’ll witness the beauty of Angel Canyon and the surrounding area on guided rides.

Workshop check-in is on November 2, from 1 to 5 p.m.

The event will be from November 3 – November 7, 2018.

If you’d like to bring your own horse, boarding is included. Or, you may lease a horse for $75 per day.  

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About Ryan Rose – professional horseman

Ryan Rose began as a professional horse trainer and clinician in May 2005. Ryan soon realized that in order to have success as a horse trainer and clinician, he needed to become a horseman. Ryan has studied with many top world-class horseman, spending four years with Pat Parelli.

Ryan now teaches workshops and clinics all over the world as well as running a comprehensive training program at his home in Wisconsin. Ryan’s passion is in creating partnerships between horses and their owners.

His skills in horse development and his teaching set him apart. He also enjoys competing and training horses in ranch versatility.

About Best Friends - Horse Haven

The horses in these scenic pastures have come to Best Friends because they were abused, neglected, or simply because they became old, injured or un-rideable and their families could no longer afford to keep them.

At Horse Haven, the animals have access to outstanding medical and farrier care. They benefit from Natural Parelli Horsemanship. They get good food, room to roam, love and attention, and a beautiful canyon to call their home-between-homes, as they heal both physically and emotionally. Spending time with these horses is a real treat, both for visitors and the animals themselves.

At Best Friends, we use what we call "relationship-based" training. We work to build a relationship based on trust, kindness, and consistency.

For more information, please see our FAQs, or contact us at workshops@bestfriends.org.

We look forward to seeing you here!