Get ’em Home:
Featured Pets from Network Partners

Some dogs and cats could use a little extra help finding the ideal home, and they're counting on us all to spread the word. Check out these profiles of pets* from around the country, send them to family and friends in the area, and spread the word on social media. You may even stumble upon the perfect pet for you!

*All pet information is based solely on what's been provided by their shelter or rescue group, and hasn't been independently verified by Best Friends. Please use their contact information to reach out and learn more about these wonderful animals! Thank you for helping them find homes.

Adopt Thunder

Muncie Animal Care & Services
Muncie, Indiana
Contact: or 765-524-2674

Thunder has just a handful of teeth, an unglamorous gait and limited vision, so you might wonder how this dog developed such a fan base. One look and it’s obvious: Hunky Thunder is an awe-inspiring force of nature in both body and spirit. And this friendly, fun-loving, affectionate boy is hoping for a family who, like him, sees only the love. Check out Thunder in action.

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Adopt Rufus and Spodette

Foothills Animal Rescue
Scottsdale, Arizona
Contact: or 480-488-9890

At about five years old, Rufus and Spodette have reached that perfect point in life where being around those they adore is what it’s all about. They can be goofy and playful or mellow and leisurely. Looking for a laid-back, loving pair who simply want a family to call their own? Meet Rufus and Spodette — and be sure to watch their darling video.

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Adopt Oliver

Wild Blue Cats
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Contact: or 719-748-1017

Nap, chat, play — it doesn’t matter. Oliver is keen to be part of it all. He’s passionate about spending time with his people, so even if you’re simply puttering around the house, you can count on Oliver for companionship and encouragement. And no, it doesn’t hurt that his precious face practically beams when his favorite humans glance his way.

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Adopt Darla

Wagging Dog Rescue
Carlsbad, California
Contact: or 310-853-0757

Darla is more than ready to leave her rocky path behind her. She’s already come a long way, shedding emotional scars as she learns to trust, play and experience the joy and wonder of being a beloved family member. Darla’s hoping for a quiet home where she can continue to be rewarded and treasured for the gentle pup she is. If sweet and soulful are your type, come meet Darla today.

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Adopt Violet and Oreo

Yavapai Humane Society
Prescott, Arizona
Contact: or 928-227-0806

They didn’t know each other when they arrived at the shelter. Violet was scared and shy; Oreo was rambunctious and easily excitable. But the two became fast friends and right away brought out the best in each other. Violet was suddenly more sure of herself, while Oreo seemed to relax and exhale. And now, the two pups are looking for a home together. Don’t miss the video of besties Violet and Oreo.

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