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"Known” Data: collected, or reported through Shelter Animals Count, from over 4400 individual sheltering organizations across the country, as well as any recent state-wide viable and authorized data sources (which may or may not have included 100% of shelters reporting), which was then accumulated into a state-wide view. Note that most recent reporting year of collected data spans 2015-2016. Click here to view a breakdown map of collected data by year.

“Estimated” Data: was calculated by 1) using acceptable methods, including “Save Rate” results of similar/nearby states or regions, Intakes/Pop and Deaths/Pop in comparable areas, reliable estimated information from source(s) within the area; and comparisons to past nationally accepted sources, and 2) assigning a broad, conservative increase to those estimates to not risk underestimating deaths. These estimates combined with collected data totaled 6.825 million intakes and 1.440 million animals killed.

Using a combination of our known and estimated data, we are comfortable reporting a conservative total killed of 1.5 million as a National estimate, given nearly half of the country is lacking known data. Click here to view a breakdown map of known and estimated data.