Desex and the city

"Sex and the City" in New York is one thing, but "desex and the city" in Los Angeles has a totally different meaning.

With the support of Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn, the goal of "desex and the city" is to spay and neuter as many dogs and cats as possible.

The Hollywood community also supports the effort. Celebrities such as Monty Python's Eric Idle, political satirist Bill Maher, and Oscar winner Charlize Theron all endorse the campaign.

Each year, close to 100,000 animals are killed in city and county shelters simply because there aren't enough homes for all the puppies and kittens that are born. The easy and painless solution is spay/neuter, but traditionally, the spay/neuter message is delivered as a scolding rebuke or a tedious sidebar to the warmer, fuzzier message of pet adoption.

"Desex and the city" aims to raise public awareness in an appealing, engaging way, and to give people even more reasons to have their pets spayed or neutered.

To kick off the campaign, during March 2005, participating veterinarians will offer discounts on spay/neuter procedures and everyone who has a pet fixed will receive a gift package from Best Friends Animal Society.

Francis Battista, who heads up Best Friends in Los Angeles, says, "Community-wide spay/neuter is the key to alleviating shelter crowding, pet euthanasia, injured stray animals and animals at large, and a whole host of humane and public safety issues." (Read more by Francis about how the desex campaign was conceived.

The desex campaign is a collaborative spay/neuter effort by Best Friends Animal Society, the Annenberg Foundation, Ameriquest, Fox TV-11, Petco and the Petco Foundation, and the Pet Press.

Help spread the word about the campaign by sharing "desex" flyers with the people and vets you know in LA county. Get flyers and more information.