Dewey is adopted!

When Dotti Carter of Hiawassee, Georgia, came to Best Friends for several days last month, there were a few surprises. For one, she hadn’t planned on spending her whole time at Horse Haven, the horse part of the sanctuary. She was going to volunteer in all the different areas, but that plan flew out the window when she set foot in Horse Haven. Something about the place really won her over.

The real big change of plans, however, came in the form of a mustang named Dewey. Dotti hadn’t planned on falling in love with any animal at Best Friends, but Dewey changed all that with one flick of his tail. When she met him, Dotti felt an instant connection that didn’t go away.

At the time, she didn’t feel ready to adopt an animal, so she finished up her volunteer stint and went home to Georgia. She continued to think about Dewey, though. Whatever had changed in her at their first meeting only grew stronger as time passed. (Psst … that’s when you know resistance is futile!)

In the end, Dotti realized that she couldn’t live without Dewey. She decided to bring him home to her 25 acres of paradise in the northeast Georgia mountains. Dewey will be living with three other horses in this green and grassy horse playground. You might say that this is a big step up from his last home.

Dewey’s last person was arrested for animal cruelty. Dewey had been living on a property where the animals were literally dying from neglect. Once authorities found out about what was going on, they stepped in and rescued the animals. Dewey and two other horses came to Best Friends, along with a mother dog and her half-frozen pups.

Considering his past, the grass was indeed going to be greener just about anywhere else. Little did he know just how green, though. He hit the jackpot (and so did Dotti)! Congrats, you two. So glad you found each other.

Photo by Sarah Ause

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