The lucky four

Four-leaf clovers are supposed to be all the rage in bringing good luck. But ever try finding one? Not as easy as you might think -- which is probably part of the draw. If they were everywhere, good luck would run rampant and the poor folks who run state lotteries would go broke.

VE RoosterCrowing9846

Something even rarer than a four-leaf clover hit the Sanctuary not long ago, however: specifically, a group of four roosters who get along. That might not sound too exceptional, but only if you don’t know how roosters prefer to live. The ideal domestic setup for a rooster is as follows: one rooster, lots and lots of hens, pass the corn nuts.

Sad to say, there’s a distinct lack of brotherly love in the chicken world. The fact that four roosters, who hang out like drinking buddies, showed up is unusual to say the least. Gandalf, Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas were found abandoned alongside the road in a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere. Since they all got along, turns out there was an empty play area they could share at the Sanctuary.

Boy, you should have seen the local wildlife get a load of these four! There haven’t been any chickens at Best Friends for years and the deer and wild turkeys who frequent Sanctuary grounds would walk right up and gawk openly, trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

HE RoosterFluffing9841

The four roosters didn’t mind, though. They’re probably used to folks scratching their heads and staring. Comes with the territory. They were most likely raised together, which would help explain why they accept one another. Sad to say, there are many other roosters out there looking for homes.

"Farm sanctuaries all over the country are full of chickens to adopt, and roosters have a very difficult time finding new homes," explains Best Friends wildlife rehabilitator Barbara Weider. Hens have it a bit easier, but roosters fight an uphill battle for the most part. These four, though, break the mold and get along perfectly with each other. They’re on the lookout for a forever home and promise to bring at least as much luck to their new family as any strain of vegetation you can drum up. Welcome!

Photos by Molly Wald