Our favorite animal adoptions from 2011

Continued from our previous installment, here's the second round of adoption highlights from this past year.

Big purrs from Cat World

The only thing better than a fantastic adoption is a fantastic double adoption. And the only thing to top that is a fantastic triple adoption. One such triple adoption happened last summer for cats Mary, Judy and Isadora.

Alan and Carol Hill of Tucson, Arizona, fell in love with 19-year-old Mary when they saw her on the Best Friends website. Then, once they learned Mary came to Best Friends with Judy and the two were still close buds, they fell in love twice.

Cupid's bow was firing straight and true that month because as soon as Alan and Carol decided to adopt the pair, they saw Isadora's profile in a Best Friends newsletter. Carol and Alan fell in love a third time.

All three cats have settled in perfectly and are all close pals. They are now geared up for their first Christmas in their new home. "We certainly have enjoyed adding Mary, Judy and Isadora to our family," say Carol and Alan.

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Things are hoppin' at Horse Haven

Home to a wide variety of animals, Horse Haven had many different species handing out high fives this year.

One such lucky fellow was Hogan the pig. His happy ending couldn't have been more deserved, either. Having come from a hoarding situation, where he lived on a cramped acre and a half with around 500 other animals, Hogan had never had a true home before.

He spent several years at the Sanctuary overcoming his fears before he could accept people as friends. Yet once he did, he started buddying up to everybody he met. His new family, which includes three children, adores him to no end. And as for Hogan, he's one happy camper. "He's a house pig," says his new mom with pride.

Gigi the goat also found her happy ending, and hers was a much faster turnaround than Hogan's. She was so friendly around people from day one that odds were she wouldn't last long before somebody snatched her up. Sure enough, it only took a few weeks.

You see, Gigi had been found as a stray when she was a baby. Being bottle-fed and raised by people, Gigi loved humans and sought their company whenever possible. She found a home with previous Best Friends adopters who wanted to find a friend for their other goat, as well as a good match for their grandkids. Gigi couldn't have fit the bill any better.

Representing the equine front, Sweetheart the donkey, a long-time public figure at Horse Haven, also developed quite the fan base over the years. She found her forever home with Pattie O'Brian of Colorado after Best Friends horse staffer Ann Hepworth met Pattie during a horse class in Pagosa Springs. Pattie told Ann she was looking to adopt a donkey. And Ann knew exactly whom to recommend. Pattie already had a horse and goat, and Sweetheart joined the mix happily. "They all live together and are buddies," says horse manager Jen Reid. "She gets lots of attention," Jen adds.

Big cheers at Wild Friends

Frick and Frack, two domestic ducks, came to the Sanctuary a few years ago after being rescued alongside a highway. They had shown up out of the blue at a nearby golf course (drop-offs, no doubt) and had been left to fend for themselves. Lucky for them, somebody called Best Friends before the two ducks got hurt. Dangling a little food in front of the hungry ducks was all it took to capture them.

The pair of ducks lived at Best Friends for several years until finding a home in Colorado, where they now enjoy in-ground pools and a barn, and have other animals to play with. In other words, paradise. While it took three different Best Friends members to coordinate transportation for Frick and Frack, in the end, strangers coming together to offer a couple ducks a lift home is exactly the kind of thing we like to celebrate here at Best Friends.

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