Vicki Kilmer, director - business intelligence and strategy

As director of brand management and business intelligence, Vicki is responsible for supporting the organization's informational needs and member and community insights, as well as leading initiatives to gauge our progress to Save Them All.

Vicki brings 19 years of leadership experience in marketing, publishing, advertising and sales. She has a strong background in direct-response marketing, relationship management, emerging market development, organizational effectiveness and strategic planning. Prior to joining Best Friends, Vicki served as marketing director for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.

She has been heavily involved in animal welfare, operating a home-based dog rescue, serving on the board of LABMED (Labrador Emergency Medical Assistance), volunteering for Best Friends' Hurricane Katrina rescue effort, and participating in a Florida-based rescue alliance to promote responsible pet guardianship. Vicki also actively worked with Floridians for Humane Farms and for approval of the Florida animal friend license plate.

A Pennsylvania native, she received her undergraduate degree in communications at Pennsylvania State University, and attended Duquesne University's community and organizational leadership graduate programs, with an animal advocacy concentration.